Dave McQuay

Drag Racing Stats:

Dave McQuay - Clutch Assistant / Tires

Job Title: Clutch Assiatant / Tires

Nickname: “Tollbooth”

Began Racing: 2002

Began racing with McMillen: 2006

Career Highlights:

  • Competing in all 23 NHRA events w/McMillen in 2010
  • Advancing to Final Round in Bristol 2004

Personal Stats:

"Tollbooth" got his name when Clay Millican's crew associated him with Tollbooth Willie from SNL

Born: March 23

Hometown: Boston, MA

Family: Girlfriend,  Diana

When not at the track: Saving the world, brushing up on Advanced Rocket Science, watching the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots and their awesomeness.

Favorite Movie: 2 Lane Blacktop

Favorite Food: Chinese